Our Aim in providing Quality Learning & Teaching

Our Intent

Is to offer opportunities for all children to learn & develop naturally in a safe, caring, stimulating environment , where the whole child & their family feel like a valued member of the setting.

We aim to create opportunities in which our children are in charge of their own learning. We aim to ensure all children are allowed to explore, develop their own thoughts, ideas, and identities & to ensure curiosity is an innate drive in children, to explore and find out information and knowledge.

Preparing our children for life not just the next part of their educational journey.

Our Implementation

Our educators will continue to be inspired and excited about Early Years Education therefore, allowing them to unleash their inner child and see a child’s world through new wondrous eyes.

We will strive to create beautiful, inspirational play spaces for children in order to feed their curiosity, creativity and to spark ‘awe’ and ‘wonder’. We will endeavour to ensure that every child in our nurseries will be given the same opportunities to gain the essential knowledge to be educated citizens.

Using quality toys, natural materials, loose parts & authentic resources in order to provide open ended play opportunities supporting children to develop their skills & knowledge in all 7 Areas of Learning covered in the EYFS.

We will ensure that all children’s development needs are planned for on an individual basis & that our Provocations to Play will record how the educator is going support the children to develop their planned ‘Next Steps’ or follow their interests & that our Invitations to Learning will support the child’s curiosity or entice the children to further exploration and investigation.

We will continually reflect on the children’s learning weekly & formally monitor children’s progress on a termly basis, feeding back that information to parents & planning new termly Next Steps. Our parents will be made to feel welcome to engage in their children’s learning at any opportunity.

Our Impact

In order to monitor the impact of our children’s Early Years Education we will observe our happy, confident & inquisitive learners as well as ensuring each child makes significant progress depending on their individual ability. We will seek support, advice & guidance for any child who may require extra support with their learning. We work in partnership with local schools to share information about a child’s development when they are ready to move in in their next stage of education. Our settings will use some methods of data analyse to measure the learning journeys of our children.