Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I asked to pay a holding deposit? (Fee paying customers only)

The holding deposit is equivalent to 50% of your weekly fees up to a maximum of £50. This depost is held until your last weeks fees & then deducted from your final bill. A deposit 1) Secures your child's place at the nursery (re on the waiting list) & also safeguards to a certain extent recovering fees owed, if a place is suspended. As a non-for profit organisation, the prompt collection of fees is essential for the continuation of the business. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-RETURNABLE

Why do I need to give you an emergency contact details?

In order to meet Welfare Requirements it is essential that you give the nursery staff contact details of someone known to the family as emergency details. This person could be a grandparent or family member or a close family friend etc. This person must have permission to collect the child from the nursery in the case of an emergency. No one can foresee problems that may occur & if a parent cannot be contacted for any reason & a child is not collected from the nursery, without an emergency contact, nursery staff will have to contact the Emergency Social Services department or even the police, who may collect the child from the setting.

My child has to have regular medication, can they still come to nursery?

Please inform staff when registering your child at the nursery, if your child is on regular medication, even if this medication will never had to be administered by the nursery staff as this information, may need to be given to a doctor in the event of an emergency.If your child has an illness or ailment it is essential that you complete an Individual Health Care plan with staff & if the medication needs to be given at nursery during your child’s session such as Ventalin etc for Asthma, then the nursery must have the medication on site at all times, therefore we ask that you ask you G.P for another prescription in order for the medication to stay at nursery. This prevents incidents of forgotten medication or important medication being left at nursery. A child that attends the nursery without his regular medication will not be permitted to stay for Health & Safety reasons. We also respectfully ask parents to disclose to nursery staff if your child has been given any medication prior to their attendance at nursery such as paracetamol etc.

How do I find out just how well my child is doing at nursery?

We pride ourselves in how we work alongside our parents & informing them daily in respect of their children is of paramount importance to us. We strive to ensure that staff who are with your child during the day are there when you drop off & collect your child from nursery to talk directly to you & we will always enable you to talk directly to your child’s carers should you telephone the nursery to check on your child. We have an Open Door policy & parents are welcome to visit, pop in or stay & play at anytime in addition to this we also hold ‘Parents Week’s’ after every half term, where parents can make direct appointments to chat with & discuss their child’s progress with their child’s keyworkers & to look through their child’s profile. Each setting throughout the year also has events that are aimed at parents, grandparents & siblings to participate in such as Stay & Play sessions, Outings, Christmas Party’s etc. Details of these events will be listed on the Parents Notice board. Children under the age of 2 yrs (who are in the Baby/Toddler Rooms) or those children who are transported to nursery where staff do not have direct contact with the parent will have a daily diary or information slip completed to inform parents of feeds, sleeps & nappy changes as well as how the children have been during their session.

How will I know if my child has had an accident at nursery?

Nursery is a busy place, where opportunities to freely explore sometimes do mean that children may unfortunately have bumps & falls. We work very hard to make sure our environments are safe for play, however sometimes busy children who are learning to control their bodies sometimes ‘fail to stop’, trip over their own feet’ or sometimes just don’t look where they are going. If your child does sustain an injury at nursery, the incident will be logged in an Incident or Accident book. The log will detail the date, area the incident took place, the injury sustained & what treatment was given. All logs are signed by the staff member who witnessed the injury, signed by a member of the management team before discussing this with the parent. The parent is then asked to sign the book to act as acknowledgment that they have been notified of the incident & nothing more. If you child sustains a bump to the head or similar, a member of staff will contact a parent to inform them of the incident & give them the details personally. Sometimes if an injury is not witnessed, an injury is not readily visible or the child does not inform staff that they have hurt themselves it may be that a parent notices an injury after picking a child up from nursery that they have not been informed of. Please be rest assured that we take great care in your child & the other children, so please be sure to inform us if this occurs, so we can discuss this with staff & support the children to inform their carers if they hurt themselves in the future. If a parent has any concerns about how a child sustains an injury, please do not hesitate to contact your nursery management team directly, who will be happy to discuss any issues you may have with you.

How will I know who is looking after my child?

We strive to ensure that we provide continuity of care for your child’s security & also to ensure parents have familiar faces & know who is caring for their child on a daily basis. We usually have a number of full time members of staff in each room, with part time staff usually working morning or afternoon sessions. We aim to ensure all new parents are introduced to carers as soon as possible.Our Parent’s Notice Board displays staff photographs, their names & job roles & will be updated should this be required, however if you are unsure about ‘who is who’ please do not be embarrassed to ask!!!

What happens if I am not happy about the service provided?

We hope you will always be satisfied with the service you receive by our company & it’s staff team, however whilst we work hard to ensure we provide your child & yourself the very best in good quality childcare, we are always keen to hear if we have fallen short of your expectations. We hope that discussing you concerns or queries with your Childcare Manager or deputy (in their absence) will ensure that your concerns etc are taken seriously & dealt with in an appropriate manner. Your management team can always be contact by telephone or via the nurseries email if they are not available when you drop off your child, or otherwise just leave a message with staff for them to call you when they arrive back at the nursery. Sometimes concerns addressed to staff members do not always relay back to the management team accurately & therefore on occasions in the past have not been dealt with as effectively as possible. We do have a Complaints Procedure, which can be found on our Nursery Handbook & we respectfully ask parents to follow this without prejudice.

What do I do, if my child is not going to coming to nursery due to illness?

Whilst you do not receive any deductions from your weekly fees due to illness, often children in close proximity to each other can pass on bugs & illness’s easily between each other. By notifying us by telephone that your child is not going to at nursery due to illness helps us to monitor if we need to inform other parents of illness’s their child may have come into contact with. It also helps us monitor is we have an ‘outbreak’ of an illness such as chicken pox or similar. Aside from this we worry about your ‘little ones’ if they are not in attendance & children whom are in receipt of funding maybe at risk of the funding being cancelled if absences are not monitored. 

We ask all parent to respect the following guidelines:

Child on antibiotics is not brought to nursery until after 24 hrs after the first dose.

Children suffering from diarrhea &/or sickness stay away from the setting for 48 hours after last bout.

Children suffering from eye infections/ oral thrush etc stay away from nursery for 24 hours after medication has commenced.

Children suffering from infections/diseases seek advice from the health protection agency around the exclusion periods or contact the nursery for advice.

What do I do if I need to reduce my booked sessions or cancel my childcare place?

As any childcare setting, we require a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice, should you wish to reduce or cancel your childcare sessions. There maybe times where you need to reduce or cancel these sessions due to emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, however as a company we also have to make allowances for fees which are due in for sessions that have been booked, therefore we will always insist on the 4 weeks’ notice period being upheld in all circumstances. Please do not embarrass your management team by asking them not to uphold this clause in your Childcare Contract, should you wish to discuss this further please contact the Accounts Department on [email protected] or via telephone on 821467

How do I book holiday weeks?

If you wish to book one or more of your ‘4 weekly holiday breaks’, please ask your staff team for a Holiday Form at least 2 weeks beforehand. Once this has been completed, it will be forwarded to the Accounts Department, who will allocate ½ fees to your account for that period, should you have any entitlement left. Your entitlement runs in the year from your child’s first registered week for a 12 month period. If you are not entitled to any deduction you will be informed by your management team.

Why is it important to inform staff who is going to be collecting my child from nursery?

Children’s security is paramount & especially so in recent times, we have a number of procedure to ensure you child is safe. One of these procedures is to ask you whom you plan to collect your child from the nursery when you drop them off. This ensures we know who to expect to collect your child as if we need to give parents important information that day & you are not collecting your child we could contact you in other ways either via telephone or by letter. We respectfully ask if your plans change, that you give the nursery staff a quick call, more especially if the person collecting your child is someone that doesn’t come very often such as a grandparent or a friend. This gives staff chance to consult the Child Collection Register & if necessary give the person passwords to use upon arrival. Failure to notify staff may result in us contacting yourself & if you cannot be contacted, your child may have to stay at nursery and in these circumstances you will incur extra costs. Help us to keep your children safe!!!

What do I need to bring with me to nursery?

First and foremost if your child is in nappies, you need to ensure you have enough to cover 3 changes per full day & up to 2 changes for half a day. Some parents chose to bring a pack of nappies to be stored at nursery & staff will inform parents when stocks are running low, otherwise parents can bring a small bag with them with daily supplies. We charge £1 per nappy if you fail to bring adequate nappy supplies but sizes are limited & we cannot be held responsible for any allergies etc. We do supply baby wipes & Sudocrem as a barrier cream, however parents are advised to bring their own supplies & ensure staff are aware that they would like them to be used at changing times. What to wear is important, we ask parents for children to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to wash & that they don’t mind getting muddy, wet or covered in paint etc. Play at nursery is a messy business & sometimes we need to change your child during their session if children are ill or engrossed in their play & forget to visit the toilet. We do ask parents to provide at least 1 full change of clothing including shoes, socks & pants in case of accidents. We have a very small number of spare clothes, but if these are not available & you have not provided us with spares we will have to contact you to bring spare clothing to the nursery. 

Jewellery can be very dangerous in nurseries, children can get it caught on toys & equipment & also it can cause injuries to others. We respectfully ask all parents to remove children’s jewellery & will accept not liability for any injury obtained by your child’s jewellery. We reserve the right to remove your child’s jewellery & will not accept any responsibility for its loss or breakages. We ask parents to ensure that all children’s shoes are safe for purpose, please remember that children will be playing outside, climbing, jumping, running & riding bicycles & inside children will be playing with sand, water, paint etc. Full shoes rather than sandal type shoes are best for play such as trainers. Wellies for indoor play are not great for use indoors & flip flop, 'strappy' sandals & slippers are not really suitable for busy nursery play as they can cause children to trip. If you are in doubt please ask staff.

Do not forget to bring with you any medication your child is currently taking. Please ensure you give medication directly to the staff when ‘signing in’ you child to ensure the medication is stored in accordance with our policies. Infant formula milk, needs to be already made up in individual bottles, unless prior arrangements have been made with the staff.

Any children’s foods preferred to be brought to nursery for meals must be either in sealed packets or container clearly showing what is on the packed & labelled with the child’s name. Foods cannot be frozen & individual pureed foods can only be stored for the day & will be disposed of or given back to the parent at the end of the session. Please discuss your requirements with staff.

Some children require their comforters during their time at nursery. It is not a good idea to be coinciding the removal of a child’s normal comforter with commencing nursery. If your child has a dummy & blankets etc we will allow your child to bring them into the nursery providing they meet British SafetyStandards. Unfortunately we actively discourage children from bring toys to nursery. In our experience children tend to become very possessive over their toys, which can cause disagreements. Children become upset if they cannot find their toy in the setting, get broken or taken home by someone else. Also for insurance purposes we are not allowed for children to play with toys that are not covered by our insurance in case a child sustains an injury by a toy that does not meet our safety standards. Please help us by not bringing your child’s toy into nursery or encouraging your child to leave the toy in the cloakroom. We have ample toys & equipment in the nursery & usually within minutes your child’s toy is left on the floor for other children to play with.

What shall I do if I am struggling to pay my nursery fees?

In short, inform us. If you are experiencing difficulty the quicker you contact us the better. We are always happy to assist you wherever possible & are sympathetic to your issues & are happy to arrange payment plans with parents. We will always take legal actions to resolve unpaid accounts, therefore it is always best to be open & honest about your difficulties. Failure to pay fees will result in the suspension of nursery places, which may impact on your work or training you need to access & this also unsettles the child possibly having to move from nursery to nursery.You can contact the Accounts Department on 805360 or email [email protected]

What meals & snacks will be given to my child throughout their session?

Our menus have been designed to meet your small child’s nutritional needs. We have a 4 week menu plan, which are displayed on Parents Notice Board. We endeavor to ensure that the children’s meals ensure that children have a small choice within the serving of the food & alternatives can be available should your child not like the choice on offer.We work with parents to meet any dietary requirements & also support the introduction of new foods through discussing the weaning process with parents. 

Can I bring a Birthday Cake in on my child’s birthday?

Many parents ask us if they can bring a birthday cake or similar in order for their child to celebrate their birthday with their nursery friends. We are happy for parents do bring a cake, but we respectfully ask that the cake be a manufactures sealed box/ packaging which clearly indicates all known ingredients. We also ask parent to avoid cakes which look high in artificial colourings & preservatives. Unfortunately homemade cakes & cakes from local bakers for example, will not be given to the children & will probably be eaten by the staff at coffee break!!!!

Do you apply sun-cream to the children in summer?

If you have already completed a Nursery Registration form you will have already chosen to consent to your child to have sun cream applied by staff members. In the summer months staff will apply sun-cream 20 minutes prior to the children playing outside. We also encourage children to wear our nursery legionnaire type sunhats, which protect the back of the neck. In order to ensure children are also protected during the summer months, we respectfully ask parents to ensure their children are wearing capped sleeve T-shirts as a minimum & we change our outdoor routines in order for children to avoid being outside during the hottest part of the day.

If you think there are other questions as a new parent, you would like us to print in this s please let us know as supporting our new parents is important to us.